Founders Reserve Robusto by Frantoio Franci

AS SEEN IN USA TODAY TRAVEL! Founders Reserve Robusto by Frantoio Franci originates in the picturesque Tuscan hillside estate of the renowned and award-winning Frantoio Franci. Each November, two estate-grown olive varieties, Frantoio and Olivastra Seggianese, are picked by hand and pressed within twelve hours, capturing the coveted flavor only found in the best, fresh olive fruit. The olives are treated with unmatched care during the crush to ensure the extracted oil contains all of its natural goodness – complexity of flavor and superior levels of antioxidants. This exquisite extra virgin olive oil has a naturally achieved free acidity of .1-.3%, far below the required .8%.

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Each bottle of Founders Reserve Robusto by Frantoio Franci is numbered and a limited number of bottles were produced this harvest. The 2013 harvest top honors and recognition at five, prestigious international olive oil competitions and was named one of the best olive oils in the world.

Flavor Profile: This exceptional, robust oil is extremely complex yet perfectly balanced, both ample and harmonious with aromatic notes of artichoke, floral blossoms and spices and the classic peppery finish.

Uses: We recommend you use this flavorful oil to finish your favorite dishes. Ideal for beef and tuna carpaccio, earthy porcini mushrooms, roasted meats and mature cheeses. Also excellent over vegetable soups, green salads, medium-flavored fish, legumes, and bruschetta, or serve simply drizzled on warm ciabbatta.


100% Estate Grown Italian Frantoio and Olivastra Seggianese Olives

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