Limited Reserve® Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Organic

This award-winning, organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in limited quantities each harvest year. Made from only the best organic Italian olives grown on select, private organic estates in Tuscany and Central Italy, the oil possesses the exquisite and coveted Tuscan taste profile. It is "green", with notes of artichoke, almond and a distinct peppery finish. A product of sustainable agriculture, the olives are harvested by hand at precisely the right time and crushed within 24 hours to capture the maximum freshness of the olive fruit and its legendary health benefits. It has a naturally achieved acidity level of 0.2-0.4%, less than half of regular extra virgin. This oil is certified Kosher Parve and is certified organic by both the USDA and QAI.

500ml bottle

6 x 500ml bottle
$27.66 per bottle - SAVE $8.00!

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In addition to Lucini's classic, 500ml glass bottle, Limited Reserve® Organic Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® is also available in the EcoValue® Box, offering home and professional chefs alike guaranteed freshness, superior quality and value. The Limited Reserve EcoValue Box contains three liters of premium extra virgin olive oil made from organic Italian olives pressed within 24 hours of harvest resulting in a classic Tuscan taste profile: “green”, with notes of artichoke, almond and a distinct peppery finish. The EcoValue Box has a specifically designed air-tight spigot, low-impact packaging, and offers nearly 40% in savings when compared to equivalent of six 500ml bottles of Limited Reserve Organic Premium Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A must-have product for any chef who regularly cooks with extra virgin olive oil, we guarantee the oil will remain fresh for up to 12 months once the box is opened.


Certified Organic Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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