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Gran Riserva Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

This extraordinary artisan Balsamico is produced and bottled on a single estate in the Modena region of Italy. Made exclusively from estate-grown Trebbiano grapes and the "grape must" is cooked over an open flame for 24 hours. The vinegar is aged for three years under careful, expert supervision in heirloom wood casks made of oak, juniper, cherry, mulberry, and chestnut. The result is exquisite vinegar that is both complex and well balanced. Use the balsamico to brighten marinades and reductions.

250ml bottle

6 x 250ml bottle
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Lucini Italia vinegars begin with grapes that are grown, harvested, aged and bottled on a single estate located in Modena, Italy. We do not add sugar, color or grape concentrate for a natural aging process that ensures balanced, fully rounded flavor and aroma with layers of complexity.


100% Trebbiano Grapes

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