Pinot Noir Italian Wine Vinegar

DRY & BALANCED - One of the most difficult varietals to cultivate, the ancient Pinot Noir grape ("Pinot Nero" in Italy) provides a beautiful aromatic flavor. We begin with estate grown Pinot Noir grapes that are harvested at peak ripeness and crushed immediately. The young vinegar is aged in oak barrels to heighten its flavor, soften, and balance acidity. This aging process is meticulously managed from harvest to bottling to ensure a characteristic flavor profile and ruby color. Use Pinot Noir Italian Wine vinegar to brighten reduction sauces, marinades, and vegetables.

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Lucini Italia vinegars begin with grapes that are grown, harvested, aged and bottled on a single estate located in Modena, Italy. Our wine vinegars are meticulously managed throughout the fermentation and aging process to ensure the characteristic ruby color and the authentic dry and balanced taste profile.


Pinot Nero (Noir) Grapes

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