Tuscan Harvest 100% Organic Diced Plum Tomatoes

Our very special tomatoes are grown on a small estate nestled in the heart of Italy's coveted Bolgheri winemaking region, where the rich red soil and coastal mountain climate produce the world's most prized wines, olive oil and heirloom tomatoes. Harvested for only two weeks each year, these naturally sweet San Marzano varietal tomatoes are hand-picked at peak flavor and are available in limited quantity. With their naturally sweet taste, aroma, and firmness, our Tuscan Harvest Whole Plum Tomatoes will inspire and brighten your homemade recipes.

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Entirely a product of sustainable organic farming, they are packed in glass for optimal storage and are 100% BPA-free. Lucini does not add preservatives, sugar, salt or water.


Certified 100% Organic Plum Tomatoes, Certified 100% Organic Basil Leaf


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